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Are you a fan of famous charcters such as Alice from American Megee's Alice/Alice Madness Returns, Naruto, Mileena from Mortal Kombat, and much more? Are you a fan of all types of fantasy? Do you have an OC or OC's? If you said 'yes' to any of those questions, this group is perfect is perfect for an amazing artist like you!
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SOOOOOOO I have decided that I'm going to make a contest! An art contest! :dummy: Whoever can draw my Fakemon (or my Pokémon) wins a legendary of their choice! At least, of the ones I have. Just don't give me shit Pokémon. I mean, I know you won it and all but it pisses me the FUCK off when I see a hundred Bunnelbys in my PC boxes. So, at least make it decent? Like a Venusaur or something. I'm trying to complete the Pokedex so you can help out with that if you want.

Okay, so here are the rules!:

:bulletred: You must draw one or more of my Fakemon or Pokemon that I have created/captured and put a picture of on DA.

The Fakemon choices are:

Lovala by kasanelover Lovala
Koalati by kasanelover  Koalati [Shiny] by kasanelover   Koalati or Mega Koalati by kasanelover Shiny Mega Koalati by kasanelover Mega Koalati

Fubuki by kasanelover Shiny Fubuki by kasanelover Fubuki or Mega Fubuki by kasanelover Shiny Mega Fubuki by kasanelover Mega Fubuki

The 1st Form of the Thingy I Made by kasanelover Squiggly
Another Thing I made... by kasanelover Female...Thingy by kasanelover Squidron
Squidrian by kasanelover Squidrian [Female] by kasanelover Shiny Squidrian by kasanelover Squidrian or Mega Squidrian by kasanelover Shiny Mega Squidrian by kasanelover Mega Squidrian
Freelure by kasaneloverShiny Freelure by kasanelover Freelure
Rainotori by kasaneloverShiny Rainotori by kasanelover Rainotori
Morningsaur by kasaneloverShiny Morningsaur by kasanelover Morningsaur
Morningtsume by kasanelover Shiny Morningtsume by kasanelover Morningtsume or Mega Morningtsume by kasaneloverShiny Mega Morningtsume by kasanelover Mega Morningtsume

Beedtwirl by kasanelover Shiny Beedtwirl by kasanelover Beedtwirl
Puncheroo by kasaneloverShiny Puncheroo by kasaneloverPuncheroo or Mega Puncheroo by kasanelover Shiny Mega Puncheroo by kasanelover Mega Puncheroo

The Pokémon Choices are:

Wing Tune the Butterfree by kasanelover Wing Tune
Gum the Mew by kasanelover Gum
Bubble the Shiny Mew by kasanelover Bubble
Mr. Pumpkin the Shiny Gourgeist by kasanelover Mr. Pumpkin
Moshi the Espurr by kasanelover Moshi
Max the Furfrou by kasanelover Max
Father the Zygarde by kasaneloverFather
Ju the Raikou by kasaneloverJu
Mr.Hugs the Slowpoke by kasanelover Mr. Hugs
Chear the Raichu by kasanelover Chear
Thor the Slaking by kasaneloverThor
Ghostspark the Driflim by kasanelover Ghostspark
Giraffey the Girafarig! by kasanelover Giraffey
Alex the Musharna by kasanelover  Alex's Solider Uniform by kasaneloverAlex
Flamedancer the Darmanitan by kasaneloverFlamedancer

Bolt Getting Ready for 4th of July by kasanelover Bolt
Music the Beautifly by kasaneloverMusic
Volt the Luxio by kasaneloverVolt

:bulletred: I guess bases can be used but your chances of winning are better if you don't use one.

:bulletblue: You may submit as many entries as you want.

:bulletgreen: The more Pokémon and/or Fakemon put in entry, the better your chances of winning.

:bulletred: Favorite this Journal.

:bulletred: Share it. Make a journal about it, share it on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace,, anywhere and everywhere you can.

:bulletred: This is the most crucial rule in this whole contest: Have fun!!

You can pick ANY Pokémon you want that I have, even the legendary ones in the Giveaway Pokémon Journal. I, along with a few people I have selected will vote after the contest is over.

The contest :XD: It will end in either early May or around the middle-end of April. :meow:

Here are all my legends:

Kyogre (Regular)
Latias (Lv. 100 shiny and Lv. 100 Regular)
Mew (Lv. 39, 91, 2x 100, and 45 and one Shiny)
Manaphy (Shiny)
Phione (x2 Lv. 13, 1 Lv.1, Lv. 1 Shiny)

I have 5 Mews because that's my Mew family and they're very important to me. T^T But I had to be honest because I know you guys will kick my ass if I don't put them on there. So...if you want them...YOU BETTER TAKE GOOD CARE OF THEM. And I will be EXTRA "picky" if you want Mew, only because Mew was impossible to get and it's impossible to let go of a family of Mews....actually, regardless, I am gonna be extra picky, even if you don't want Mew or legend. :XD: I might be like the people on Food Network where they point out everything wrong and then point out that one good thing that doesn't make anything any better but it's nice to know something is good about it.

And now for the prizes! :D

1st Place: 2 Legends + 3 shinies (If I don't have it, I'll find a way to get it) + 4 Pokemon Lv. 50+

2nd Place: 1 Legend + 3 shinies (If I don't have it, I'll find a way to get it) + 3 Pokémon Lv. 50+

3rd Place: 3 shinies + 2 Pokémon Lv. 50+

4th Place: 2 Shinies + 1 Pokémon Lv. 50+

5th Place: 1 shiny + 1 Pokémon Lv. 50+

Good lucky! :D

More Journal Entries










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kasanelover May 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah man.
17BloodWolf May 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Can you please hange me to members?
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moon: *becomes invisible and walks to cave*
Blackspirit: *points to cave* Over there
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moon: Take me to her. *swallows Steven*
Cresenta and Cresent: DUDE!!
Moon: Relax, he won't go in my stomach. He'll go in my-
Moona: Storage room.
Moon: No! My storage gland! Everything that can be eaten or isn't allowed to be eaten goes there!
Blackspirit: I know where their keeping Goldenspirit. I just went past
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moon:...oh yeah. Sorry! ^^; All this rage is making me forget stuff!
Moona: Dude, you never forget anything!
Moon: Rage.
Moona: Oh yeaaahhhh... you helped Moon kick some butt?
Moon: He sure did....I would show some apperication right now but I have a rumbunctious trouble maker with me as you can see.
Moona: You're holding him like mother dog would to her pups when she wants'em to go with her and they refuse to do so.
Moon: Only because it keeps him out of trouble.
Blackspirit: No Moon does know me Moon remember the one who helped you fight Iceclan? I was very friendly towards you.
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moon: *snarls, carries Steven in his arms and shoots fiery plasma at Blackspirit*
Moona: Dude!!
Moon: *carries Steven again* What?
Moona: We don't even know him yet and you're already making a bad impression on us!!
Moon: I don't trust him!!
Blackspirit: *appears out of the shadows* Hi Lilac: *jumps* Oh my dog Blackspirit you scared the bejesus outta me!
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moona: Goldenspirit!
Moon: Relax, I'm not chompin' on your neck that hard.
Moona: MOON!!
Moon: Right! How do we get in the dark hollows?
Steven: ow ow ow.....,.. Tabby: HELP!!!!!
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moon: *narrows eyes at Steven* I got my eyes on you. *carries Steven in his mouth by the back of his neck* Let's go you guys. Dinner's gonna have to wait.
Cresenta: We already ate 30 birds while you 2 were talking!
Moona: *catches another bird* Make that 31.
Moon: Let's go! *flies to the dark hollow*
Everyone with Moon: *follows*
Steven: She-e-es In the dark hollow *gasps for air* Lilac: Hurry!
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moona: BIRD!! *catches bird in mouth*
Moon: *rams Steven into a tree/dark voice tone* Where is she?
Steven: Guys I know this is awkward but...Scourge has Tabby!
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moona: Moon, let's kill a gazel!
Moon: *remains silent*
Cresent: The man's probably daydreaming about the kids he and Lilac'll have.
Moon: NO!!
Cresenta, Cresent, and Moona: :laughing:
Moon: It's not funny!! *aims purple fire at Cresent*
Cresent: *evades it* Alright dude!
Moon: I should've aimed purple plasma at your butt.
Cresent: That's more like purple lava.
Moon: Hello, plasma is a liquid in the human body! Of course it's still gonna remain a liquid when it comes out my mouth!
Moona: That sounded weird on so many levels.
Tabby: turns into flying cat* *flies away*
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Everyone with Moon: See ya'!
Moon: See ya' again soon! *turns into Night Fury and flies away*
Everyone with Moon: *turns into birds/dragons/grows wings and flies with Moon*
Tabby: Bye yall
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moona: Sheesh, I could tell you want him to go away already. *tugs Moon's tail* C'mon Moon. Dinner isn't gonna catch itself.
Moon: *whimpers*
Cresenta: Moon, c'mon! You have a family to attend to. And that family is me, your cousin, my brothers, my brother's girlfriend, my brother's girlfriend's cousin, my cousin, know, te rest of the family.
Gold: We have names you know.
Cresenta: There's too many names.
Silver: *turns into eagle and pecks Cresenta's head*
Cresenta: Ow!! Imma a bird too, you know!! I can peck you back!
Moona: Stop fighting! Moon, c'mon. We all need you to come with us.
Moon:....okay...*gets off of Goldenspirit*
Moona: Good. Now let's get dinner before it goes to sleep! *wags tail*
Tabby: You can come with me.. Gosh
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moon: *:glomp:'s Goldenspirit* NNOOO!!! Don't go pwweeeaasseee!!:iconbegplz:
Tabby: Sorry but I really need to go.
kasanelover Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Moon: *turns into wolf and whimpers*
Moona: And now he's sad.
Cresenta: Again.
Cresent: At least he's not goin' anywhere.
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